FFA2001 – Fish Fryer Anvil – Single Pan (Elec)


  • Specially designed tilt-up head for easy removal of insert to remove oil
  • Thermostatically controlled with automatic safety cut out at 209 degrees celsius to prevent oil flashing
  • The double pan is convenient for processing different food product types
  • During busy periods, use both sides
  • Fast recovery time
  • Oil tank has slip-away handles for easy removal
  • Microswitch disconnects power when element box is removed
  • Operating temperature: 50 – 190 degrees celsius


  1. OUTPUT: Approx. 4kG French Fries An Hour
  2. POWER: 2.5kW
  3. VOLTAGE: 230V
  5. DIMENSIONS: 282 x 448 x 288mm
  6. WEIGHT: 9kG
  7. IDEAL FOR: Raw Products


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Anvil is manufactured in South Africa according to the NRCS electrical safety requirements and approved by the LPG Safety Association SA.

Modular equipment – all Anvil products have been designed to ensure a modular fit to complement modern kitchens. All Anvil products are manufactured to withstand harsh South African conditions and ideally suited for restaurants, institutions, school tuck shops, bed & breakfasts, industrial kitchens, etc

All components used are of finest quality, manufactured specifically for rugged working conditions.


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